Happy Little Tree # 1 Original Painting by MaryLea Harris

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Happy Little Tree # 1 Original Painting by MaryLea Harris


"Happy Little Trees #1" (2014) painted by MaryLea Harris in Bend, Oregon. 
Acrylic on Canvas with painted edges. 
10" x 10" with wire, ready to hang. 
Signed by the artist on the back. 

My Happy Little Trees series is meant to be whimsical and colorful. I'm exploring color, texture, and line. I'm focusing on the interplay of "positive" and "negative" space as I reflect on my own positive and negative growth experiences from the past few years. I'm using these trees as a form of art therapy to explore living more simply while celebrating nature, color, texture, and line. I want the viewer to feel happy and playful. I want them to be in the moment and feel joy. Life is short and meant to be celebrated. The title is a small tribute to Bob Ross and his Happy Little Trees he would add to his landscapes, I thought his paintings were magical when I was a little girl. 

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This listing is for an original acrylic painting. 


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