I wanted to create contemporary versions of traditional women's art forms with my quilted wall hanging. Wildwood, and my sculptural basket book, Nest

Wildwood, MaryLea Harris, Emulsion Transfers on Cotton, Linen, 36" x 20"
Machine Stitching, Hand Embroidery, Beading, Branch

Wildwood is hand-beaded, embroidered, and machine stitched; skills passed down to me by my mother and grandmothers. It hangs from a branch found in the woods where the photographic images were taken. 

Nest, MaryLea Harris, Sculptural Book with Yarn and Altered Tyvek, 8 " x 12" 

The basket form for my Nest book was inspired by my collections of traditional African Zulu Wedding baskets as well as the role of women in building a metaphorical nest in their homes. The shredded pieces of altered Tyvek tied to the outside of the basket and filling the middle have dictionary definitions for various nests and vessels printed on them.